About Finish with the Right Stuff

Finish with the Right Stuff encourages children who participate in junior community sport to eat and drink healthier at sport before, during and after the game. It encourages sports clubs and netball associations to promote water as a drink of choice instead of sugar sweetened drinks and supports club canteens to provide and promote healthier food options to make it easier for parents and kids to make smarter food choices.

Why Encourage Healthy Food and Drinking Water at Sport?

About 1 in 5 school aged children in NSW are classified as above a healthy weight, or well above a healthy weight *

Kids need the right fuel to stay healthy and perform at their best. After the game is over, all their hard work can be undone by loading up on junk food at the canteen, it’s important that sports canteens offer the right stuff for kids to finish the game strong. This gives their body the best chance of recovering and powering throughout the day.

Finish with the Right Stuff partners with Good Sports

Finish with the Right Stuff has partnered with Good Sports in NSW. Good Sports is a community sport development program that addresses key health issues of alcohol, smoking, obesity and mental health. Good Sports Healthy Eating has an accreditation system around the provision and promotion of healthy food and drink options. Good Sports staff supports clubs to find healthy options that will work within the club environment.

What are the benefits for clubs?

  • Provide a healthy environment for juniors and club members
  • Free resources, online training and support to make club canteens healthier
  • Strengthen grant and sponsorship opportunities
  • Generate community support and respect
  • Potentially increase canteen sales

What support will the club receive?

The program is FREE and provides clubs with:

  • Free online training
  • Resources and ongoing support from Good Sports personnel
  • Opportunities to meet our Finish with the Right Stuff Ambassadors

The Finish with the Right Stuff program is partnered with Netball NSW, the NSW/ACT Australian Football League (AFL) and the Country Rugby League (CRL) in NSW.

Finish with the Right Stuff encourages club/association canteens to provide and promote water as a drink, healthier food options in their canteens and fewer sugar sweetened drinks and unhealthy foods, making it easier for parents and carers to make smarter health choices. Finish with the Right Stuff also encourages coaches to promote messages about choosing water as a drink during and after sport.

*Hardy LL, Mihrshahi S, Drayton BA, Bauman, A.NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS)2015: Full Report. 2016 Sydney: NSW Department of Health.