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Fruit Snacks to Freeze for your Canteen ( 117 kb )
Learn more about the healthy frozen fruit snacks that you can display in your canteen and tips about promoting new foods. Healthy frozen snack include fruit juice ice cups, frozen fruit salad, frizbees and more!
Going Green - Healthy Swaps ( 80 kb )
Wondered how to swap out unhealthy foods in your canteen for healthier alternatives? Learn more about what are the best foods to substitute unhealthy food and beverages as well as unhealthy individual ingredients.
Going Green Recipes ( 112 kb )
Read out tips on how to stay green if you have limited space and equipment in your canteen. This includes meals with no cooking required, foods for the grill, oven or stovetop and foods that can be barbequed.
Mexican Recipe ( 539 kb )
Learn how to cook a healthy version of Mexican Beef and Beans from our easy to follow recipe and how you can use this as a filling on pita pizzas, as a topping for jacket potatoes or stirred through pasta.
Pea and Tuna Pasta Salad ( 1208 kb )
Learn how to cook an easy and healthy Pea and Tuna Pasta Salad that can be sold within your canteen and different ingredient alternatives to tuna and peas.
Kits - Fact Sheets and Recipes

Club Fact Sheets

Canteen Layout - Finish with the Right Stuff ( 2480 kb )
Learn how to lay out the food in your canteen to better promote the healthier options for kids by placing them at the front of the canteen placing unhealthy options towards the bottom of displays.
Green Up your Menu with these Ideas ( 4447 kb )
Learn more about how to reduce the red foods in your canteen menu by replacing them with a variety of healthier alternatives including grains, meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
Fridge Layout ( 474 kb )
Learn more about healthy fridge layouts and how to set up your fridge with more water and reduced fat dairy products to promote healthier alternatives over unhealthy options.