Finishing with the Right Stuff

Here are some ideas to help parents provide children with healthier food after sport and encourage water instead of sugar-sweetened drinks or sports drink before, during and after sport.

Kits - Fact Sheets and Recipes


Fruit Snacks to Freeze for your Canteen ( 165 kb )
Learn about the frozen fruit snacks you can make for your canteen display. These include fruit juice ice cups, frozen fruit salad and more!
Going Green - Healthy Swaps ( 139 kb )
Read what the best healthy snack alternatives and ingredient swaps are for foods such as chips, chocolate and soft drink to ensure that you are eating the best food before sport.
Going Green Recipes ( 162 kb )
Learn some easy tips on how to go green if you have limited space and equipment in your club. This includes foods that have no cooking involved, foods that can be cooked on the grill, in the oven or on the barbecue or foods cooked on the stove top.
Mexican Recipes ( 823 kb )
Learn how to cook Mexican Beef and Beans with this easy to follow recipe and suggestions on how to use this filling in a variety of menu items.
Pea and Tuna Pasta Salad ( 1019 kb )
Learn how to cook an easy and healthy Pea and Tuna Pasta Salad as well as other ingredients to use as alternatives to peas and tuna.
Kits - Fact Sheets and Recipes

Fact Sheets

What is "Finish With The Right Stuff" ( 1028 kb )
Get all the information you need to know about Finish With The Right Stuff including the benefits for clubs, how to help your kids eat healthily and what clubs receive from the program.